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The Writing Group was among the early successes of TRA.  It commenced in the early months of the life of the association and has been constantly in existence since.  It meets about 8 times a year, often in the large conference room in the Arts Block.  Generally, attendance is in the range 6 to 10, with 7 regulars and occasional drop in members. Meetings are scheduled for 2.30 to 4.30 pm on Monday afternoons.  We are open to aspiring writers at all levels. We would welcome hearing from any TRA members who might be interested in joining the group.

At most meetings, written material from the members circulated prior to the meeting, is discussed and reviewed. Every member does not have to contribute something to every meeting, but most people contribute most of the time.  A typical meeting will see a few pages of a novel or short story, a couple of poems, possibly some science fiction, some pages of memoir, some drama, and sometimes something more tentative when the writer hasn’t yet figured out what they want to do.  The process of trying different things helps people find what they really want to write about.  

From time-to-time we avail of expertise and inspiration of experienced writers from outside the group. For example, in our first year we were lucky enough to have a mentor from the Oscar Wilde Centre (Katy Hayes), who directed the group and provided valuable feedback as a professional writer. 

Examples of the Writing Group writings…….to be inserted later

Membership of the Writing Group is open to all paid up members of the TRA, information about joining the group, or to be included in mailings for future meetings may be had by contacting either, 

Jim Malone (Coordinator)  ( or

Pat Wall (

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