Jacobs Biscuit Factory Exhibition – 26 October 2017

Members of the Association visited an exhibition of Jacobs Biscuit Factory Archives which was held at Dublin City Library where a selection of the 330 biscuit boxes were exhibited. Using beautifully illustrated panels, oral histories, flags and original artefacts, the exhibition told both a chronological and thematic history of Jacobs Biscuit Factory.

The exhibition illustrated the impact of Jacobs on social, cultural and political life in Ireland throughout the twentieth century.  It included an impressive time-line showing the changing faces of Jacobs biscuit labels throughout the decades, and original artefacts such as a locked recipe book, an Irish Free State Biscuit tin, employee welfare booklets,  and a truncheon used during the 1913 Lock-out alongside with a  letter from Trade Union leader Jim Larkin. The fascinating history of Jacobs cream-crackers and the concept of Jim Figgerty of Fig Rolls fame were also illustrated. Major national and international events from 1916 Rising to both World Wars impacted on the business, customers, and staff. The events of 1913-1922 which impacted on Ireland nationally featured prominently, and using the lens of the factory allowed the exhibition to provide a unique contribution to the Decade of Commemorations.  A selection of photos are shown in the Gallery.

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